A Fantasy Band

Hello, greetings and salutations.

In this post I will be discussing a fantasy band creation completely contrived of a combination of brilliant and amazing musicians in the industry from different decades that will imaginatively create a mark in musical collaborations, if it were to actually develop in my universe. In a day and age where collaboration projects and partnerships are emerging, filled with super-star talents sharing their styles and musical ideas collectively for a grand end result this would be one of my production concepts.

As a producer this would be an ideal manufactured creation to capture a unique and exclusive experience, for not only the musicians involved, but for music lovers around the world. Organizing the ensemble, I would implement the jazzy, funk rhythmic sounds of Stuff from the mid 70’s. That would be an intriguing and fun start. Stuff was a group of talented studio musicians coming together to construct a new and groovy sound. Similar to that, as producer in a fantasy project, I am recruiting the Stuff rhythm section to conceptualize my new project. First, I would recruit Steve Gadd to do drums and percussion, Gordon Edwards and his wicked bass, as well as Richard Tee on the keys.

RichardT A-150-267707-1122739592 images-2

A fantastic principal performer to add to this blend of talented recruited musicians would be guitar and musical extraordinaire Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. He is not only one of the most influential guitarists in all of rock ‘n’ roll history, but also a veteran studio musician that has worked with many other talented greats in the industry. Page’s musical style blended with his distinct Gibson sound and studio effects he so melodically constructs would be the perfect sound in this studio project. The blues infused riffs intertwined with the traditional rock sound Page exudes would mesh harmoniously with the Stuff rhythm section backing his guitar brilliance.

Jimmy Page

Adding to this star-studded fantasy line-up would be Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. His distinct and powerful vocal sound and style would fit quite nicely. Pearl Jam has had an amazing array of great albums over the past two decades and has really demonstrated versatility and success. This influential and accomplished combination would surly deliver a remarkable studio album with a timeless composition.


The result would sound like jazzy infused rock with a combination of bluesy undertones and funk roots really harmonically driven. The project will consist of 5 original tunes and 3 covers. This collaborative band project would call themselves The Friendlies, album titled Friendly Fire. Stevie Wonder would also be added to the studio list for his piano genius to accompany a few of the songs. Having this combination of musicians the production will push the limits of entirely new musical studio collaboration. As a producer it would be an amazing opportunity and learning experience working with such accomplished and talented artists, especially in one album. This arrangement will not only be pleasing to many varieties, but to actuality be a part of a rock ‘n’ roll masterpiece is what would make this fantasy creation just simply amazing. These musicians have demonstrated their professional studio talents and producing the project would be an amazing experience.



A few elements would be needed to market this projects it receives the attention it would so deserve. It would be through ads heavily through a social media buzz through all the popular websites in order to gain a varied  and increased demographic. Having well-established names under this project is an added bonus for marketing techniques.

As a producer in a subjective industry it is almost always essential to fully understand the needs and visions the artist is trying to exude, while adapting that input to another artistic dimension for it to be heard and enjoyed cohesively. It was fun creating a fantasy band for a studio production project. I thank you in advance for reading my blog post and really hope you enjoyed it and can envision the fantasy band that I came up with.

Thanks. :”)

By Adrianna Parnagian


3 thoughts on “A Fantasy Band

  1. Adrianna,

    I really like where you are headed with this Fantasy band lineup. At first I thought Eddie Vedder was a little odd for this combination but I realized he would add a dynamic that the others wouldn’t bring and that makes him a great choice. I love Steve Gadd as your drummer choice; He would add a great level of consistency to the groove of the band. If you had a say what would you name this super group?

    Also with being the producer to these legends how would you go about leading them during potential times of creative differences or even bickering?

    1. Hello Joel and thanks. Also as I mentioned in my post the name of the group would be called The Friendlies and the album would be titled Friendly Fire. It is my job to make sure they all know their proper places within the project and all aspects of creativity will be considered. Thanks for reading my post. Best of luck to you.

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