Entry 1 – Welcome

Hello, greetings and salutations.


 I want to welcome you to my blog that will be a cornucopia that is my universe. Here you will find an eclectic variety of music, art passion and opinion.

Here is a little about me. I am Adrianna, a wearer of many hats. I am a musician and artist from Los Angeles, California. My thirst for knowledge led me to Full Sail University to pursue my B.S. in Music Production. Everything music consumes me. I enjoy playing bass, guitar and writing music, music production and audio engineering. I also love to paint and draw.

I play bass and write songs in our 3 piece, alternative-indie, rock band ACUSTALAPSE. We write a lot of original songs, have local residencies, and enjoy playing many shows. Please check it out and help keep music alive by spreading the word if you like it.

Soul Shakin Studios is our newest music production facility in North Hollywood. Open and ready to sever you with knowledge and dedication. We created a friendly, one stop studio for all auditory needs. We do tracking, mixing, editing, mastering and so much more. We will get your project to the next level in sound and quality the way you want it. Please check us out and contact me with questions and rates.

I created Music Makers and Lovers Unite, which is a way for artists to connect and work together in creating a buzz and success. It is about supporting each other and spreading the local music scene into a global music scene. It is networking together to share the load and to cover all aspects needed collectively. We all have a dream, so instead of competing why not team up and make our dreams come true. 

Again, welcome and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little about me. Thanks for reading.

 Musically Yours,

Adrianna Parnagian

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